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Sewer Fees

Current Fees (Per SFE)
 Sewer Tap:   $10,500
 2024 Quarterly User Fees:   $129
 Connection/Inspection Permit:   $25
 Backflow Preventer/Disconnect Valve   $200 (apprrox.)
 Disconnect Fee:   $25

 What is an SFE for purposes of billing?
An SFE (single family equivalent) defines the average wastewater use of a typical residence. The assessment for residential and other types of uses can be found in Chapter 7 of the District's Rules and Regulations.

 What are the fees once I have invested in the sanitation system and what is the billing process?
Tap fees are your investment in the system. User fees pay for maintenance and operation of the system. The District charges user fees upon the payment of a Tap fee for all Taps purchased after February 14, 2003. For Taps purchased prior to that date, billing commences at the point building plans are reviewed and stamped. User fee bills are sent out on the 1st day of the months of January, April, July and October, and are due by the 25th day of each of those months. For taps purchased after January 1, 2019 for planned new development, user fees commence upon the earlier of: connection into to the District's system or one year from the date of the Connection and Inspection Permit for planned new development.

Once a Tap has been purchased, the user fee for that Tap will commence and continue, regardless of whether the account is active or inactive. The property owner for the property in which the Tap record is applied, must surrender the Tap of record in order for the quarterly billing to cease, if for some approved reason the Tap is no longer needed. Once surrendered, a new Tap must be purchased should the property owner want to build a structure requiring service in the future, at the rate in effect at the time of the requested purchase.

 Will you send Sewer Statements to my Renter for payment?
No. All charges are an automatic lien on the property until paid, and therefore, the "owner of record" must be notified of these charges. Therefore, we send the Statements to the owner(s) of record as shown on the County Assessor records, with a few exceptions as approved by the District Manager.

 Why do I need to purchase a Connection/Inspection Permit and the Valve?
You are not authorized to tap into the District's sewer main without a Permit. The District wants to know that a new connection is being made to its sewer system by an authorized party. District personnel inspect the connection at the sewer main to insure a proper connection and that no damage has been made to the system during the connection. As well, a Back Flow Preventer/Shutoff Valve is required to be installed on service lines. District personnel will also inspect to be sure that the Valve has been properly placed on the property.

 When would a Disconnect Fee be applied?
There are many reasons a disconnect from the sewer main is necessary:

  1. A structure that is being serviced is being torn down
  2. An unintentional fire leveled the building
  3. Aging pipe or damaged pipe requires replacement
  4. A re-connection to a different part of the sewer main is requested.
District personnel will inspect the disconnected pipe to make sure that it has been capped properly for the short term or the long term, to avoid debris entering the system and to correct its records.

 I purchased a new home in your District, what information do I need to provide the District to change an account ownership?
District personnel work closely with Title Companies. Once they submit a copy of the Warranty Deed to us, our records are changed to reflect the new owner(s). You will receive a welcoming package shortly after your purchase with information regarding your new account with this District.

 I am selling my home that is being serviced by the District, what information do I need to provide the District?
Your Realtor will be working with the Title Company to insure that any and all fees associated with your account are dealt with at closing, and again, we will obtain a copy of the Warranty Deed which will allow us to change ownership. If you are not utilizing the services of a Realtor, be sure that closing documents include full payment of all fees on your account up to the date of closing. All fees are an automatic lien by Statute (unrecorded) on the property and will remain on the account if not paid in full at closing.